*What Vaccinations are required?
-Leptospirosis & Coronavirus NOT required but they are Recommended
-Heartworm test-within 1 year
-Intestinal Parasite test-within 1 year-prefer 6 months
-MUST be current on Flea, Tick & Heartworm preventative

*What should I bring?
-Special treats (but you dont have to we give out lots of treats & we are careful with pets who have food allergies) Bedding is provided no need to bring any we have plenty! If you do decide to bring something from home PLEASE understand that bedding can & will have to be laundered! Only bring things that you have no attachment to.

*Should I call the grooming salon to schedule my pets boarding reservations?
NO. Please call Doggy Days Inn 636-748-2525 or Text 314-743-9612 In order for us to stay organized it is better to make your reservations through the boarding facility.

*Can I drop off & pick up my pet at the Grooming Salon?
Yes! Monday-Friday we offer transportation.

Any other questions PLEASE dont hesitate to call us!